perfume brand 415

Branding design for the city

 Dec. 2018



Fragrance has many benefits to the human body like enhancing moods, helping to relax and so on. Since large demand for fragrance in the market, some people start adding the chemical to make fragrance product smells stronger and last longer. However, chemical fragrance products are neurotoxins, meaning that they have poisonous effects on the brain and nervous system. 


So, my design solution is to create a city exclusive natural perfume brand in
the city of San Francisco called "415 natural perfume". Each chemical-free scent represents different regions in the city. For example, California Poppy represents Presidio in San Francisco, cinnamon and Palo Santo represents Mission district, and Lavender represents Pacific Heights, etc. 
The fragrance will bring audiences back to the feeling at that moment.


The audiences are around 14-30 years old for both genders. 415 is a chemical-free perfume for someone who wants a different souvenir to San Francisco, and someone who wants to show their own personality by fragrance.

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