Brochure design for a contemporary museum

 8.5*11in Print. Oct. 2018



It is a welcome brochure with five language versions for SFMOMA summer 2018. There are English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean titles and descriptions for every artwork exhibition. Visitors can see a large image of artwork and information of it on the top or the bottom on every page. The map of the museum is on the inside page of the first and second page. The last page is about "Good to know" and a card for sharing QR code of information app made by SFMOMA.


I use the floor level instead of the number of the page as a footnote. I put "floor" in English and Spanish on the left of floor level, and other three on the right since Chinese, Japanese, and Korean write "Floor 1" in "1 Floor", It is to make a better way of reading experience for those five languages visitor.

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