A concept poster design

Print. May. 2019



The ongoing improvement and widespread application of artificial intelligence bring such a lot of benefits to human society; however, we cannot ignore the ethical issues behind artificial intelligence technology.

In ‘Algorithms of Oppression,’ Safiya Umoja Noble finds old stereotypes persist in our new media. While Noble trying to search the term “black girls” for helpful articles and advice for her nieces, tons of pornographic and racist pictures depicting uncovered black people. Noble pointed out that “there is a missing social and human context in some types of algorithmically driven decision making, and this matters for everyone engaging with these types of technologies in everyday life.”

I create a 24*32 digital illustration poster conveying the concept of prejudice in artificial intelligence actually is from the human. There is a balance scale from Egyptian mythology which judges the dead’s crime hanging on top of the poster. The red heart put on the right plate of the scale represents human and the blue robot head put on the left plate of the scale represents artificial intelligence. In the poster, the human heart is heavier than the robot’s head which means artificial intelligence is innocent. The big title and small text reach the core idea of the poster that human is guilty. In addition, I made a little zine and a 10-second video to support the poster. The zine contains the text information to let audiences understand the concept poster want to express. The video shows the motion of the balance scale moving down since the human heart is heavier than the robot head.

People think that technology is neutral, that it’s objective, that it’s just a tool, that it’s based on math or physics, and that it’s value free. As those algorithms of oppression are happening, what we see is content that favors its creators. They make the technology in their image and in their interests.

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