Formula exhitbion

Exhibition for works by designer E Roon Kang

 Group Project. Feb. 28 - Mar. 7, 2019



Formula presents four works by E Roon Kang which examine installations, videos, and websites through a conceptual lens. *Formula* designs a system to show diverse perspectives through interaction with the audience, creating conditions for the works on display to be experienced in unique ways.


E Roon Kang is a designer living and working in New York City, where he operates Math Practice. His work was selected as an inaugural project of LACMA’s Art + Technology Lab, received NSF Science and Engineering Visualization Challenge, and shown throughout the U.S. and Asia.


Thanks to Formula team members: 

Annie Lee, Joey Kim, Marcus Fei, Yazhen Zhang

MIT Media Lab 




The new visual identity of the MIT Media Lab is inspired by the community it comprises: Highly creative people from all kinds of backgrounds come together, inspire each other and collaboratively develop a vision of the future. The logo is based on a visual system, an algorithm that produces a unique logo for each person, for faculty, staff, and students. Each person can own their individual shape.

Google fonts Korean




With the official launch of Korean in Google Fonts, Google commissioned Math Practice to create a digital type specimen to showcase Korean open-source fonts. The site is a comprehensive collection of the rare, but an increasing number of Korean open-source fonts, and encourages type designers to participate.

You can vary the look of the typeface on the screen (it means E Roon Kang, the name of the designer). While playing, the computer will save an image automatically every 10 seconds. Use your phone camera to scan this QR code or visit to check out screenshots of everyone’s play.




Anyang Public Art Project (APAP) is a public art festival held in the city of Anyang, Korea. E Roon Kang designed a real-time visual identity of the 4th edition of the event.

The introduction of the new wordmark of the 4th APAP starts with the online broadcasting of the sculptural work featuring the four letters A, P, A, P. The rising and setting of the sun as well as its trajectory that changes with the seasons will cast a different light on the four letters and create shadows of varying shapes and depths.

Projection for ICP Event




One-day installation at the ICP Museum. Interactive projections were installed through the gallery – some reacting to the noise level, others overlapping each other to cast the shadow of viewers to reveal the archival photograph underneath. The number of images shown during each slot proportionally represents the number of photographs acquired by the museum during the decade, creating a time-based, quantitative experience of ICP archive.

Formula Exhibition

at Graduate Center in California College of the Arts 

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